The explosive documentary on Ishrat Jahan which media refused to screen in 2014

On 1st of March 2016, when Times Now created a stir in the political arena by airing a series of videos on , exposing many dark and dirty secrets of political corridors which tried to manipulate Ishrat Jahan case, a twitter handle run by the name of  wrote about a documentary named “The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy 2014″, which, as claimed by Kabir Singh Nihang was filmed by his brother and Manish Pandit.

The explosive video, shot in 2014, features Ajit Doval, Tavleen Singh, RSN Singh and Dr Gautam Sen. As claimed by Kabir, all the channels refused to screen the documentary in 2014. Kabir sarcastically writes how journalists ignored the documentary despite having a long and detailed explanations given by Ajit Doval.

After Kabir posted a video link of the documentary on twitter, the video finally gained some audience. Kabir also questions the ethics and morality of Indian journalists who blatantly refused to screen the video and hide the facts. Here is the video:

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