Trending: Left Liberal Calvin vs Right Wing Calvin

Everyone knows about Bill Watterson’s epic comic strip series Calvin & Hobbes. So often we have seen so many sections of the strip, where a small child interacts with his toy tiger, or his parents, or friends, on the most innocent issues, but reveals universal practical truths. And all of this in a humorous manner.

Since Calvin & Hobbes is an American cartoon series, there is almost no chance of seeing them talking about Indian issues right? Think again.

Social media saw the emergence of 2 Calvin & Hobbes enthusiasts, who used the panels of the epic of cartoon series, and filled them with dialogues related to the hottest topic of the day: Demonetisation. What was even more amusing was how both of them chose the same panels, yet put two different set of dialogues to cater to completely divergent thought processes. So here are the 2 cartoons:

Left Liberal Calvin: (Source)

Right Wing Calvin: (Source)

Which one did you like?

Left Liberal Calvin
Right Wing Calvin


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