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Congress repeats the same “oops” moment it had 24 hours ago

Yesterday we had reported how the IT Cell of the Congress was involved in a gaffe of sorts because of a poll it had run via its Twitter account:

The poll they ran yesterday

The poll, a part of its #KnowYourLegacy segment features general knowledge question on Congress leaders. This though was soon deleted by the party after it realised that it had been turned into a joke by people who voted for “Donkey” in large numbers. The people as a result had a good time poking fun on the party for its antics.

Now 24 hours later, in a huge amazement to many the Congress tweeted the same poll with the exact same options as if nothing had happened:

The same poll 24 hrs later

Incidentally the Congress even pinned this poll to its timeline for further reach and this time the “Donkey” was again predictably emerging as the clear winner. The wordings of the text were slightly different but the IT cell decided to keep the same options intact which were the main problem to begin with.

The people as a result were left flabbergasted:

Even the Social Media head of the AAP who himself has been a part of controversies, decided to take pot shots at the Congress:

The Social Media coordinator of the Congress as a possible response made personal attacks against those ridiculing the poll:

The poll though would have been completely innocuous had they just replaced “donkey” with “mule” which doesn’t receive the same amount of ridicule as the former, but its not yet clear as to why they didn’t do so. Also the poll was not yet deleted at the time of the publication of the report.

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