Munger District Magistrate gives unique gift to driver retiring after 36 years of service

In a heartwarming gesture, the District Magistrate of Munger, Bihar, Udaykumar Singh, drove his driver, Sampat Ram, home on his last day of service. Ram, who had been in service for over three decades retired on 31st December, 2017, was even given extension of one year of service.

Another employee also retired along with Ram, and a celebratory function was held for both the employees to thank them for their service.

Ram had been appointed as the District Magistrate’s driver in 1983 where after service District Magistrate’s of Lakhisarai, Jamui, he was appointed at Munger where he served for last 32 years.

Twitter users, too, appreciated this gesture by the District Magistrate.

This goes out to show that a kind gesture indeed goes a long way.

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