Chetan Bhagat slams Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint for lack of ethics

On 6th April, Shekhar Gupta’s digital venture, ThePrint, published an article which talked about how male authors ‘fail’ to create ‘real women characters’. The author of the article, who previously wanted Prime Minister Modi assassinated, mocked Chetan Bhagat for writing the book One Indian Girl in first person narrative from a female perspective.

Bhagat, who often gets backlash for his books, didn’t take it too well. Bhagat lashed out on the author for hiding the fact, thereby either showing that she lied or her incompetence.

The author of the post then condescendingly told Bhagat how he still got a ‘male character to explain feminism to female protagonist’. Bhagat, in turn again called Kaur unethical and biased while continuing to lie.

He even accused her of intentionally hiding his research on the book.

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