Javadekar takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial ambitions, says ‘there is no ban on day-dreaming’

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Union Minister Prakash Javadekar took a dig at Rahul Gandhi on Rahul’s remark about him being ready to become the next Prime Minister. Javadekar stated that there is no ban on anyone’s wish to ‘day-dream’.

Rahul Gandhi recently commented on how he would want to be the Prime minister if his party becomes the largest party after 2019 general elections and was severely mocked by one and all.

Javadekar continued his offensive by laying out the current political scenario of the country. He stated, “the Congress has lost 20 states and it is in power only in a couple of states now. If on that basis, Gandhi is thinking of becoming the prime minister, then there is no ban on day-dreams in this country,”

The Union Minister commented about the pragmatism that is needed for real politic and the difference between opinions generating from a position of presumption and reality and said, “smart tweet or big talk is not politics. It is much more than that.”

Reflecting upon the past and the need to learn from it, Minister brought about the reference to his own parties crisis period from 1984 when it had only two lawmakers in Loksabha to winning 282 seats in 2014.  He commented that there are lessons to be learned by the Congress from the BJP’s example.

When asked about the recent political conundrum in Karnataka, he said, “when we realized that we do not have the sufficient strength, our chief minister (B S Yeddyurappa) stepped down.”

On their commitment to bringing perpetrators to justice, and specific steps taken in the context of the recent Punjab National Bank the BJP leader said, “It happened during Congress period but we have arrested more than 13 people in connection with the case. We will seize their properties spread across the country.”

Explaining the meaning of ‘Congress-Free India’’, he said that crony-politics, lobbying and passing on benefits only to select people are what needs to end. “The bad culture in politics, introduced by the Congress, is what we have been opposing.”

Commenting on the 400 schemes initiated y the BJP lead central government with an outlay of Rs. 3.25 lakh crores which get directly deposited into recipient’s bank account. He mentioned, Rajiv Gandhi’s comment about corruption-

“The then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, had once said that if he sends Rs. 100 to the people, only Rs. 15 would reach actually. It was the Congress in power, from the Centre to village, and leaders were syphoning off money. We have stopped it,”