Arrests, suspensions and more: India rises up against those celebrating the Pulwama terror attack

Source: Deccan Herald

We have been reporting on the disturbing trend of people celebrating the death of our soldiers in the Pulwama Terror Attack. We have reported arrests that were made, students who were suspended from their educational institutions and employees who were fired from their jobs.

In another horrific trend that has emerged, people are now being arrested for physically attacking those who expressed their solidarity with the martyrs and condemned the attack. As reported by TOI, 3 Kashmiri students studying in Bengaluru, Waquar Ahmat, Gowhar Mustaq, both students of nursing and their friend Zakir Maqbol are accused of attacking a college-mate, Koushik Debnath, who had opposed the Kashmiris for celebrating the terror attack.

Debnath had posted an image on social media mourning the death of the martyrs. In response, the Kashmiris started posting abusive comments. An officer was quoted as saying, “The accused began posting messages against Debnath’s post. They supported the terror attack and abused India, the Army and CRPF Jawans. The accused students met Debnath at his college canteen on February 15. When Debnath questioned about their FB comments, they abused and assaulted him.”

“We have registered a case of sedition, assault and intentional insult with intent to breach the peace, under IPC sections and punishment for unlawful activities under section 13 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967,” a Suryanagar Police officer was quoted as saying.

The cyber crime police on Sunday arrested Faiz Rasheed, 20, an engineering dropout from HBR Layout in Bengaluru, for praising the Pulwama suicide bomber and criticising the Indian Army in a Facebook post.

Earlier, an Army veteran’s home was vandalised in Haringhata Nadia, Kolkata after the veteran’s family lit candles to express solidarity with the martyred CRPF soldiers in the terrorist attack in Pulwama.

In Agra, too, an incident was reported by AmarUjala where people from ‘Samuday Vishesh’ had assaulted a person after he had opposed their support for the terror attack. The goons had also threatened, “40 were killed in Kashmir, we will kill 80 in Tundla.”

Meanwhile, people are continuing to get arrested and suspended from their jobs and educational institutions. One Eshfaq Khawaja from Noida has been reportedly arrested for an objectionable Facebook post and he has been suspended from his university as well.

One Mohammed Tousif has been arrested from Katihar, Bihar.

In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, an FIR was registered against Bilal Tyagi for abusing the Indian Army in response to the Pulwama Terror Attack.

We had reported that people on social media had come together to report to the police those who have made extremely offensive posts on the Pulwama Terror Attack. The Police in different states has been active as well in taking action against them.

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