Pakistan funded Islamic terrorist blows up 300 kgs of IED, actor brings ‘Hindu right wing’ argument to shield Pakistan

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In the wake of the dastardly attacks on the CRPF convoy, planned and executed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad’s terrorist, which claimed 44 lives of the CRPF personnel, many eminent personalities have taken to Twitter to express their seething rage and grief against the perpetrators of the heinous crime. However, some of the out-of-job celebrities are using the occasion to further their warped propaganda.

Actor Jaaved Jaaferi took to Twitter to express his anger Over the attack but when a Twitter user asked him to name and shame Pakistan’s complicity in the attack, Jaaved not only refused to do so, he instead used the opportunity to equate Hindus with the terror ranks of Jaish, claiming that an act by a few cannot be used to paint the entire country as complicit.

However, this defense of Pakistan by Jaaferi is untenable. It is a common knowledge that Jaish-e-Muhammad is a terrorist organisation that enjoys considerable patronage from the ISI and the Pakistan Army, which are the defacto organisations governing Pakistan.

Pakistan has also consistently blocked India’s request to designate Masood Azhar, the chief of JeM, as UN designate terrorist with the help of its all-weather ally China. Pakistan also allows its land to be used by JeM cadres for training and indoctrination purposes.

So when Jaaved Jaaferi says JeM is not Pakistan and equates them with Hindus in India, he is not only condoning Pakistan’s role in the terror attacks that happen in India, but he is also vilifying Hindus of India and advancing his depraved propaganda. By not calling out Pakistan’s culpability in the dastardly attack that claimed 44 of our brave soldiers, Jaaved Jaaferi has also insulted the sacrifice of those soldiers.

Jaaved Jaaferi has been associated with Aam Aadmi Party, whose founder, Arvind Kejriwal had earlier undermined the Indian Armed Forces by asking them to furnish the proof of Surgical Strikes conducted in September 2016.

It is indeed astounding that an Islamic fanatic just blew up hundreds of kgs of explosives claiming that he will go to heaven for blowing up ‘cow piss drinkers’, but some of Bollywood’s ‘secular liberals’ still find ways to drag Hindu religious groups into their argument.

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