Kashmiri student writes ‘This was not a terrorist attack, this is returns of what you did to Kashmiri people’, gets rusticated

Pulwama attack. Image courtesy: Indian Express

Kashmiri medical student studying at SGT Medical College in Gurugram, Haryana, was rusticated from her college after her social media post in support of Pulwama terror attack which claimed lives of 44 CRPF soldiers.

In her post, the student identified as Sadaf Zaffar, a second-year student of Bachelor of Radiology and Imaging Technology had reportedly posted “I don’t like this incident but if you rape Kashmiri women, use pellet guns, kill innocent people and make Kashmiri children blind with needles, what will you get? This was not terrorist attack. This is returns of what you did with Kashmiri people. Use love not guns against Kashmir.”

She also posted a photograph of the blast site and said, “not 40, but 400 must have been killed.”

The Office of Registrar of the institute said that the university shall not tolerate any such indiscipline inside the campus and rusticated her with immediate effect. Zaffar was then asked to leave the hostel immediately following the protest.

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Following the ghastly attack on the CRPF convoy in Pulwama on February 14, even as people across the country expressed grief and mourned the dead, there were a few who were busy celebrating the terror attack. Following complaints raised by many social media users as well as the colleagues of those who were celebrating, many students and employees were suspended and arrested for the celebratory posts.

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