Editor of Congress mouthpiece makes transphobic comment to target PM Modi

Mrinal Pande (R)

With just weeks left for the crucial 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the opposition parties and their ecosystem are desperately trying new ways to humiliate Prime Minister Modi. In yet another low, Congress backed journalists targetted PM Modi by making slanderous transphobic comments.

Mrinal Pande, group editor of Congress mouthpiece National Herald on Saturday went on to make transphobic comments when she responded to a twitter post of another controversial ‘krantikari’ journalist Punya Prasoon Bajpayee. PP Bajpayee, who has been thrown out of the job, had made a lewd comment asking people why does PM Modi clap frequently during his campaign speeches.

In a hurry to mock Prime Minister Modi, the Congress journalist Mrinal Pande tweeted to ask whether such instincts from PM Modi were to garner votes of the “Kinnars”-the transgender community. The condescending comment of the Congress scribe not only reflected her self-proclaimed elitism but also her contempt towards both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the transgender community.

Mrinal Pande has a history of making such derogatory comments as she had recently taken to Twitter to mock the traditional Arunachal Pradesh headgear worn by Prime Minister Modi, showing disdain for the culture of the North East. Mrinal Pande was later called out for her callous attitude towards the culture of Arunachal.

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