Congress’ Sam Pitroda says ‘something’ is wrong with EVMs, which he will find if allowed to ‘study’ one EVM for one year

Sam Pitroda (Source: India Today)

As the elections are underway, senior Congress leaders are yet again raking up the issue of EVM malfunction, perhaps, realising that their defeat is imminent and inevitable in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. Senior Congress leader and a mentor to Rahul Gandhi, Sam Pitroda indulged himself in a strange rant against the EVMs. He claimed that he will need an EVM for 1 year to determine if there are any faults in the machine.

While talking to the media, Pitroda said that he is not satisfied with the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and has been unable to pinpoint any visible faults in them as he doesn’t have an EVM. He insisted that if he is given the EVM for a year to study, he will be able to tell if there any faults in it.

Pitroda further added that the designs of the EVMs, its software, every little signal that emits from the machine will have to be analysed to before forming any conclusion. “One thing is clear that there is some problem in the EVMs but what is the problem we don’t know,” Pitroda exclaimed. This strange argument made by Pitroda reveals that Congress has been making contentions of EVM malfunctioning entirely based on conjectures and they have no objective basis for the allegations levelled by them.

This is not the first time that Congres has levelled accusations of EVM malfunctioning. In fact, a few months back, in a hackathon event, allegedly sponsored by Congress, the hacker was seen making tall assertions about EVM hacking that was contradictory in nature and essentially self-defeating. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal was seen watching over the proceedings of the hackathon which was nothing but a sham.

Despite the Election Commission’s stern denunciation, the Congress party has been continuing to blame EVM malfunctioning for its losses without providing any evidence to back their claims. This hack of blaming the EVMs and levelling outrageous and unfounded accusations of EVM tampering on the opposition has been Congress’ modus operandi for some time now. Perhaps, in a bid to save their president from the ignominy of an election defeat, Congress comes up with concocted theories of EVM malfunctioning and machinations by the opponents to tamper with the EVMs so that the opponents can be blamed and their president can escape media scrutiny.

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