Salman Khurshid loses ground, argues with Amethi Panchayat Head over Farrukhabad development

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A video of senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid where he is seen arguing with a Panchayat head from Amethi has surfaced on social media. Here, Khurshid is fuming at the Panchayat head for questioning him on the development of Farrukhabad.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer
“Aaj tak aap mantri rahe, vidhayak rahe, videsh mantri rahe, apke Governor rahe aur Rashtrapati rahe, Farrukhabad ki halat aap khud he dekh rahe ho (You yourself have been a Foreign Minister, even the Governor and the President have been from your Party and you can see the condition of Farrukhabad for yourself.),” the Panchayat head reminded Khurshid. To this, Khurshid responded with a constant question, “and we did nothing?”

Miffed by the Panchayat head’s questions, Khurshid asked if Modi had changed the condition of Farrukhabad during his tenure? “Baat suno to Farrukhabad ki halat to Modi ne 5 saal me bana di?” Khurshid shot back.

Panchayat Head was quick to respond, “Inhi paanch saal me kar diya? Vo 70 saal me kehte hain aap paanch saal me keh rahe ho.” (He (Modi) could have done it in these five years only? He talks about your 70 years of government and you talking about his 5 years).”

Infuriated at the stinking response of the Panchayat Head, Khurshid tauntingly asked him to give 70 years to Modi and then check what development he brings.

Khurshid could not maintain his ground for long and failed to answer the logical questions posed by the Panchayat head. He finally conceded by suggesting if the Panchayat head was not in his favour, it was better to be clear than to beat about the bush.

However, the Panchayat head remained unaffected by Khurshid’s taunts and repeatedly suggested if Khurshid had actually worked for Farrukhabad he would have pledged his relentless support.

In the past too, Khurshid had invited ire by defending Triple Talaq in the guise of a feeble excuse, “who will take care of the family if the man who gives Triple Talaq is jailed for the same”?

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