After claiming Hindu philosophy is against his dignity, Congress’ MP Candidate seen praying in temple

Congress leader Devashish Jarariya, Image courtesy:

Like many among his colleagues from the Congress party, Devashish Jarariya appears to have undergone a change of heart with regard to Hinduism as elections came. From 2016, when he claimed Hindu philosophy was against his very dignity and that no one in his family worshipped Hindu deities, the Congress candidate for the Lok Sabha from Bhind had come to worship in a Hindu temple ahead of the polls.

Popular Twitter user Ankur Singh called pointed out the sudden change in beliefs.

Jarariya’s personal journey towards Hinduism reflects the Congress party’s own journey towards Hindu philosophy. From its efforts towards inventing Hindu Terror to promising Gaushalas in its manifesto, the Congress party indeed has come a long way.

Party President Rahul Gandhi, too, who had once claimed Hindu Terror was a greater threat than Islamic Terrorism proclaimed himself a Shiv Bhakt and spent a good deal of time doing the rounds of Temples. It only shows fear of defeat in elections and public mood makes politicians embrace what they most detest.

Incidentally, Jarariya is the same person who had insinuated that the Pulwama attack was an inside job by Prime Minister Modi. Old habits do die hard and the Congress, for all its newfound Deshbhakti, rewarded him with a Lok Sabha ticket. He has, in the past, also tried to incite people on the basis of caste over a Swachh Bharat campaign ad.

The most dubious, however, was when Jarariya was going around pretending to be a member of the BSP and even appeared as its spokesperson in TV debates. He even ran a fake BSP Youth website. BSP supremo Mayawati had to come out and specifically clarify that he was not one of theirs.

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