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Yes, EVMs were hacked, by the people who chose nationalism over casteism, and development over divide

Blaming the EVMs has been the opposition's modus operandi but what they fail to see through the dark lenses is that PM Modi is loved by India's people.

Today, as the nation is glued to its television screens from early morning, waiting with bated breath for the results to unfold, we are expecting a barrage of lame duck excuses ranging from ‘EVM hacking’ to come our way. The counting is on and it is ‘Lagbhag’ certain that PM Narendra Modi will make a comeback for the second consecutive term.

The Janta, in general, is in a celebratory mood, but the opposition had already set the pitch rolling to dump the blame of their defeat on the EVMs. Ever since the exit polls predicted a clear mandate for the BJP, the whining about EVM hacking started. Today, as it stages a comes back as the single largest party, lies peddled by the opposition including Congress stand busted.

In the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the nation witnessed unprecedented hate, below-the-belt attacks, and accusations levelled at the man who occupied the centre stage amidst all this chaos and cacophony.

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Despite a clean chit from the court in 2002 Gujrat riots, Modi was referred to as a ‘mass murderer‘ by the elitist activists. They continued to play the politics of hate on him, all the while accusing him of resorting to hate-tactics. It is a known fact that he was hounded for years by the left-leaning Lutyens media even though one of their own recently confessed that Modi had no role to play in the riots, which he was accused of fanning.

The opposition mocked his humbled background and called him a Chaiwala, Neech and even brought his family into their slandering.

They questioned his integrity and cooked up an imaginary scam in the Rafael deal. To dent his reputation, they went a step further and coined the phrase ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai,’ which backfired and snowballed into a pan-India ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign.

During election rallies and otherwise, they gave fancy soundbites to the media invoking his mother and wife, accusing him of abandoning his family for political gains. They abused him and his family in a hope to gather votes in his name.

They accused him of riding politics on communal lines because he wore his religion with pride on his sleeves, in his personal capacity. All this by conveniently brushing aside their own style of ‘appeasement‘ politics under the carpet.

The opposition accused him of dividing people into religious and hate lines. International magazine Time even carried the cover story titled ‘India’s Divider in Chief‘ on him while the elections were ongoing. The agenda based story reeked of bias and Hinduphobia.

If Modi harboured such hate for the Muslim community, as propagated by the opposition, why would he table Triple Talaq Bill to empower the women from this community? Ironically, the ones peddling these lies at the highest decibel levels are the ones who stand against it and promised to scrap it if voted back to power. Honestly, it makes me wonder, how a government that is committed to safeguarding the rights of Muslim women is diving the community on hate lines? Well, it is nothing but fear mongering by spreading lies, by the vested few, who want the country divided for their political brownie points.

The opposition has always pegged their agenda on caste-based politics. The idea has been to divide the people into caste lines to garner votes. However, this time around, the people seem to have walked over such falsehoods and voted for a strong government. The rejection of parties that have been thriving on caste polarisation is a clear indication of the trust that voters have invested in keeping nation above caste. It makes us believe that ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ is not a mere political slogan! Some of the most notable schemes that have perhaps helped him win a second term include Ayushman Bharat, rural electrification, Ujjwala Yogna, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Jan Dhan Yojana, Digital India, Make in India and GST.

The opposition’s promises of freebies, lies and fake promises were called out as quick as they were floated. These tricks don’t appear to entice the voters anymore. Having realized the perils of the falsehoods, the voters chose to use their fine sense of judgment and not get bogged down by bogus schemes. Shrouded in doubts, even the NYAY scheme, which promised a minimum income scheme for poor amounting to 72,000 per annum failed to attract the interest of the voters.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had excitedly announced the scheme but failed to clarify how he would manage to disburse this amount. The scheme that was pegged to create a ‘revolution’ in the history of Indian politics, turned out to be a disaster and fizzed out sooner than expected!

The leadership of PM Modi to deal with national and international issues is what makes this thumping majority a reality. Modi has consolidated every Indian who wishes to participate in the nation-building process. In him, the countrymen have found a desi leader of global relevance and stature.

His journey from the Chief Minister of Gujrat to India’s Prime Minister has not been easy. However, his perseverance to serve the country with all his might makes it look easy.

He was constantly scrutinized and judged for his performance as the PM while his supporters and detractors looked on. Irrespective of the opinions that his haters hold for him, he is all set to occupy the PM chair another time.

Blaming the EVMs has been the opposition’s modus operandi but what they fail to see through the dark lenses is that PM Modi is loved by India’s people. It’s not Modi who has hacked the EVMs but the public that trusts its beloved leader in shaping their dream of a stronger India. PM Modi has unified a country that has finally risen above the social and regional divides.

In the nutshell, it is the Janta that has hacked the EVMs. The people of India have hacked the election by choosing development over divides, and nationalism over casteism.

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