Babri Masjid litigant Iqbal Ansari slams Rahul Gandhi: Modi govt right in abrogating Article 370, visit PoK and ‘resolve issues’ instead

Iqbal Ansari (L) and Rahul Gandhi (R)

Iqbal Ansari, the main litigant in the Babri Masjid dispute, on Saturday attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his visit to Kashmir. Questioning the timing of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Srinagar, Ansari asked Rahul Gandhi to do his politics in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir rather than indulging in petty politics in Kashmir.

A delegation of opposition party leaders had accompanied former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on his visit to Jammu & Kashmir but were sent back from Srinagar on Saturday.

According to the reports, Iqbal Ansari slammed Rahul Gandhi as the latter visited the Srinagar on Saturday along with other opposition parties. Iqbal Ansari questioned Rahul Gandhi and asked that if he and the Congress party were concerned about the country, then they should visit Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and resolve the issue or go elsewhere to solve the issue, but they should not do politics on Kashmir.

Praising the Narendra Modi government for abrogating Article 370, Iqbal Ansari said the government has established the rule of a law in the country by removing Article 370.

“Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has removed the Article 370 and established the rule of law in the country. With the abolition of Article 370, the people of Kashmir have benefited. If Rahul and Congress are concerned about the country, then go to Pakistan and resolve the issue. Visit other places to do resolve issues too,” said Iqbal Ansari.

He blamed Congress for the situation in Kashmir saying it was the Congress which implemented Article 370 in Kashmir for its political advantage. He said Congress played politics in the name of Kashmir for 70 years which led to the worsening of the condition of the people in Kashmir. The politics of the Congress party is going to end now, said Ansari.

Further, Iqbal Ansari compared Indian Muslims to Veer Abdul Hameed and said that Indian Muslims are ready to fight Pakistan for the country.

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