Former Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik shares old video claiming police atrocity in Kashmir, gets called out by J&K Police

Senator Rehman Malik(Source: India Today)

Deflated by the lukewarm response from the global powers and international organisations to Pakistan’s shrill assertions about the abrogation of Article 370, well known Pakistani personalities have now embraced the latest hack of scare-mongering in their bid to draw world’s attention on India’s internal matter-Jammu and Kashmir by using falsehood. Today, former Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik shared a fake video claiming that Indian Armed forces are perpetrating atrocities on Kashmiris.
In his post, Malik tagged the US President Donald Trump and the United Nations to act against the alleged atrocities purportedly committed by the Indian Armed Forces against the Kashmiris by suppressing their right to self-determination. Malik stated that Gunship helicopters were used by Indian forces to attack villages in Jammu and Kashmir. Malik also claimed that though there has been a complete lockdown in the state, some Kashmiris have been sending the videos of alleged Indian brutality to them. They same video also has been posted by many persons from Pakistan making the same claim.

However, Jammu and Kashmir Police, being aware of the hybrid warfare that Pakistan and its leaders are indulging into, promptly refuted the allegations made by Senator Malik. Calling the video posted by Malik as “malicious content”, JK Police have taken up the matter with Twitter Support to get the misleading snippet removed. Malik has apparently tried to pass off an old video of shell explosion as a recent one.
The video is from 2018, when a live shell lying in a house exploded after the house caught fire in Kulgam in Jammu and Kashmir. The incident had happened during an encounter between Indian security forces and terrorists. Six civilians had lost their lives in this unfortunate incident, but it is confirmed that the video is old and it is not from the last week.

The Jammu and Kashmir police had clarified at that time that immediately the house caught fire, people had rushed to despite the police asking them to stay away. As a result, they were hit when the shell exploded due to the fire.
Yesterday too, a Pakistani journalist who couldn’t digest normalcy prevailing in the Valley attempted to incite unrest in the state by purveying fake news. Pakistani journalist Waj Khan had tweeted that there is a rift between the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the CRPF personnel in the state as one Muslim Kashmiri Policeman killed 5 CRPF soldiers for not allowing a pregnant woman to travel as she didn’t have a curfew pass. However, CRPF and Kashmir Police both rubbished the malicious lies peddled by the Pakistani journalist.

The state is gradually returning back to normal as the residents of Jammu and Kashmir are slowly coming to terms with the new reality. This is, however, in opposition to the fancied situation held by Pakistan, which would want to keep the pot boiling and somehow get the international community to intervene on the issue. The UNSC had already rejected Pakistan’s requests claiming Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan according to Shimla Agreement.

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