London: Pakistani immigrants, Khalistani goons resort to stone pelting on Indian diaspora at Indian High Commission in London, four arrested

Violent protests outside Indian High Commission, London (image:

The terror state of Pakistan, which is being isolated across the globe, has now resorted to thuggery and vandalism on the streets of London. On Thursday, thousands of Pakistani immigrants in London resorted to violence to mark their protest against abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, stone-pelting, a personal favourite method of the jihadis in Kashmir.

According to the reports, the incident took place outside the Indian High Commission in London on Thursday as thousands of Pakistanis stormed to carry out violent protests. Protesters carrying Khalistani and Kashmiri flags tried to push forward across police lines and threw stones and other objects at Indians who were present on the occasion of Independence day.

Hundreds of Pakistani thugs and hooligans were present among the protesters at the so-called anti-India protest deliberately which coincided with Independence Day. They held anti-India placards and abused Indians present at the Indian High Commission. Indian families with small children were trapped for hours as the protestors held them as hostages.

While the anti-India protesters chanted slogans, the counter-protesters waved the Tricolour during the face-off. The anti-India crowd also included the pro-Khalistan Referendum 2020 group. As per reports, the protesters threw eggs, glass bottles, shoes, plastic bottles, lighters, bananas, batteries, potatoes, hot coffee, their own placards and apples over the heads of the horses at the Indian diaspora who were holding Indian flags.

As the clashes progressed through the day, there were also instances of stone-pelting at the Persons of Indian Origin (PIO). Many PIOs were hit by the flying objects and some were injured after getting hit by these flying objects.

Hundreds of families were trapped inside the Indian High Commission for hours until the police were able to clear a safe route.

The Metropolitan police said four people were arrested under Section 4 of the Public Order Act, for affray, obstruction of police and possession of an offensive weapon. “Public order trained officers were policing today’s demonstration as part of a planned operation. One person was injured during the demonstrations,” the Scotland Yard police said.

The Indian High Commission had hosted its annual Independence Day celebrations with a flag-hoisting ceremony, with the Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Ruchi Ghanashyam, felicitating members of the World Peace Rally, which concluded in London this week after covering 105 cities and a distance of 17,000-km.

Ghanashyam also greeted the Indian Cricket Association for the Physically Challenged team, which recently beat England to win the Physical Disability World Cricket Series 2019 at Worcester in the West Midlands region of England.

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