“Modi ka kutta haaye haaye” slogans fill the air in Pakistan as protestors echo ‘tukde tukde gang’ slogans during ‘Kashmir Hour’

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Image Credit: Jammu Links News

On Friday, the people of the terrorist state of Pakistan observed ‘Kashmir Hour’ by literally standing on roads and other public places to express solidarity with Kashmiris, following the abrogation of Article 370 by the Narendra Modi government. Pakistan PM Imran Khan had asked the Pakistanis to observe the Kashmir Hour after the Friday Namaj today.

Pakistan, just like its economic situation, came to a standstill for almost 30 minutes from 12-12:30 PM on Friday as people country came out of their homes, offices, businesses to stand to shout slogans of ‘Azaadi’ to stand as a mark of solidarity with the people in Kashmir.

The so-called solidarity march was a response to Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s message to Pakistanis to come out at 12 noon -12.30 pm on Friday to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people and send the Kashmiris a clear message that the entire Pakistani nation stands in solidarity with them.

Interestingly, most of the Pakistanis raised slogans of Azaadi similar to the slogans often shouted by the comrades and other ultra-left wing members of Tukde Tukde gang in India. Ironically, Pakistanis were shouting Azaadi slogans to demand independence from their own country.


As Prime Minister Modi mostly ignores the parody country Pakistan, the citizens of Pakistan directed their anger against the “dogs domesticated by Prime Minister Modi”. They shouted “Modi ka kutta haye haye”.

The most bizarre part of today’s Pakistan protest included the stoppage of all trains in Pakistan for a span of 60 seconds and playing of the national anthem was also organised at the same time to mark their protest. But, the duration of Pakistani national anthem is roughly 80 seconds while trains stopped only for 60 seconds as a mark of protest.

Pakistan’s Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, who was greeted with eggs last week in London, had declared yesterday that all the 138 trains that run in Pakistan will stop for a minute from 12 to 12.30 PM as a mark of for support for Kashmir.

As entire Pakistan allegedly stopped working for 30 minutes, there has been a debate across the media regarding the speculative losses that the country may have incurred following their Friday drama. The general agreeable theory is that Pakistan had a ‘zero loss’ following their protest as its economy is already in shambles and these losses would just get absorbed just as usual behaviour.

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