The Hindu ‘journalist’ spreads misleading information, issues sermons to senior police officer after he questions propaganda

The Hindu 'Journalist' Vijaita Singh

As the situation in Kashmir is returning back to normalcy in the Kashmir valley after the historic abrogation of Article 370, it seems that the ‘liberal-secular’ media industry and their minions are resentful about the decision made by the Modi government and it is being manifested lately in their Kashmir reportage.

In a similar case of outrage, a ‘journalist’ working for left-wing media- The Hindu, which is at the forefront of false propaganda, resorted to abusing and sermonising a senior police officer, asking him to ‘perform his duty’ after he exposed her dubious claims pertaining to the situation in the Kashmir.

Vijaita Singh tweeted a report which claimed 36 Kashmiri people had suffered pellet injuries since August 5. Vijaita had based her report on an anonymous ‘senior government official’ who was citing data from the ‘records’ with the ‘hospital authorities’ in Srinagar. She does not name which hospital she was speaking of. Vijaita Singh in her report claims that security officials have injured 36 people for participating in various protests.

Responding to these misleading reports, Jammu and Kashmir Police officer Pranav Mahajan hit back at the Hindu ‘journalist’ by clearly stating that the ‘injured’ Kashmiris mentioned in her report were actually out defying the orders, taking the law into their hands, provoking and protesting in an illegal way.

Putting an end to the negative campaign run by some of the media including the Hindu against the security forces, Mahajan said that the numbers of the ‘injured’ could have been much higher. However, due to thorough professionalism and unfathomable restraint displayed by security personnel, it has been very low.

Pranav Mahajan also accused Vijaita Singh of being blindfolded and of having a myopic vision for carrying out such misleading reports pertaining to the situation in Kashmir.

As ‘journalist’ Vijaita Singh could not provide a logical explanation to her claims, an arrogant Singh began to sermon the senior police officer regarding his duties only to get embarrassed by the police officer one more time. Quite arrogantly, she asked him to ‘get working’ as he is a policeman it was already 9:30 am.

Mahajan politely told her that 9:30 may be time to ‘start’ working for those who have the luxury of sleeping, waking up and having breakfast. For people like him on duty, they cannot afford it since they are already out and about carrying on with their work.

After failing to push their Rafale propaganda against the Narendra Modi government during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the left-wing news organisation seems to be hell-bent on putting pressure on the government with their pro-separatist reportage in the ongoing Kashmir situation.

The Hindu has been publishing a series of propaganda reports, editorials to fear-monger and to incite people in the valley following the abrogation of Article 370. Recently, Suhasini Haider, National Editor of The Hindu, was also caught twice for spreading misleading information regarding the ongoing situation in Kashmir.

Even today, senior IAS officer Shahid Choudhary, Development Commissioner, Srinagar, had shared his disappointment over the false propaganda spread by the media regarding the alleged health crisis in the state. Targetting some of the media-houses both in the country and other global ones, Choudhary said the reports chilled his spine and asserted that truth has to be upheld.

There was a series of reports in the media in the last couple of days, stating that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is facing a major health crisis. Responding to the misinformation, Choudhary clarified that nearly 94% of the doctors are on duty in the state.

Echoing the sentiments of Shahid Choudhary, Jammu and Kashmir Police officer Imtiyaz Hussain also said that the only epidemic that Kashmiris are enduring as of now is ‘Propaganda Epidemic’.

Following the repealing of special status, some of the sections of media, political parties, the intelligentsia had hoped that violence would erupt in Kashmir valley as a mark of protest against the Modi government’s decision. As normalcy is returning back to Kashmir, the ‘liberal-secular’ forces seem to be in discomfort and have now resorted to putting pro-Pakistan agenda to discredit the Narendra Modi government’s decision to correct the historic blunder.

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