Did you see the Vikram Lander? Brad Pitt asks about lunar module to American astronaut on the ISS

Brad Pitt asks the astronaut on International Space Station whether he saw ISRO's Vikram Lander land on the lunar surface

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, on a call with American astronaut Nick Hague on the International Space Station asked whether he saw ISRO’s Vikram Lander land on the lunar surface.

Pitt was in a conversation with NASA astronaut on the ISS as a part of promotion for his upcoming film Ad Astra which is slated to be released on 20th September. Pitt plays the role of an astronaut on a dangerous mission.

Hague, however, said that he did not see the Vikram Lander land on the lunar surface. “No, unfortunately,” he said. Hague, along with two other American, two Russian and one Italian astronauts is living on the International Space Station.

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On 7th September, Chandrayaan-2’s landing module had gone silent after Vikram Lander went silent when it was merely 2 KMs from the landing surface of the moon. While ISRO was able to locate the lunar module in one piece, it had tiled a little because of the hard landing. All efforts to resume the communication has so far been unsuccessful.

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