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Faulty Factchecker shuts down hate crime database possibly due to lack of funds: Consequences of a new political order?

It's been a good couple of days for Hindus on social media.

IndiaSpend’s faulty, which has a track record of manipulating facts to suit their preconceived agenda, has finally decided to pull down the ‘Hate Crime Watch’ (HCW) after being exposed several times for Hinduphobia and bias. In a series of tweets, announced that HCW was moving to a ‘new home’.

Newslaundry reported that the digital portal was suffering a financial crunch lately. The departure of a ‘key member’ contributed to the outcome as well. The media outlet mentioned unnamed sources saying that the digital portal was facing pressure from its entities. If this is indeed true, we can only speculate what the reasons behind the ‘pressure’ were.

The most obvious, of course, is that the investors were horrified with how their money was being used. Perhaps they felt pangs of guilt troubling their conscience as they saw the manner in which the database they funded was dividing within the country. Or maybe they realized the agenda that was being peddled was simply indefensible. Leftists will, no doubt, argue that it is further evidence of the ‘Undeclared Emergency’ that has gripped the country. The actual truth could very well be that the investors got sick of the agenda that was being peddled with their money and therefore, they asked them to pack their bags.’s biases and Hinduphobia isn’t really a secret. The database was tailormade to paint Hindus as villains and all Muslims as victims of the oppressive ‘Hindu Fascism’. We, at, have reported on it extensively. A great deal of credit must go to Swati Goel Sharma of Swarajya Mag who has worked relentlessly to expose the database’s nefarious agenda. The Left might blame ‘Hindu Fascism’ again for the shutting down of HCW. But in truth, its rabid propaganda is much more likely to be the reason.

It’s been a good couple of days for Hindus on social media. First, a bigoted Hinduphobic journalist at National Public Radio was forced to resign after she suggested on Twitter that Indians would do well to quit Hinduism as it would help them in getting away from ‘piss drinking’ and ‘dung worshipping’. Her usage of the Pulwama terrorist’s rhetoric sparked a huge outrage on social media following she submitted her resignation at NPR. And now, the Hinduphobic database has been pulled down.

Unfortunately, people who use the same language as the NPR journalist and worse in India for the Hindu community continue to be regarded as ‘esteemed journalists’ and ‘intellectuals’ in India. It appears Western liberals have a slight bit more integrity than their Indian counterparts and that’s saying something.

Recent events also demonstrate the cultural change that is underway in the country with the reelection of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. It appears Hinduphobic entities have realized that it’s no longer feasible to continue with their hateful rhetoric. One can only hope that people are experiencing a genuine change of heart. However, it’s far more likely that they are trying their best to survive in an apparently hostile political climate.


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