Karnataka: 21-year-old son beheads father for stopping him from playing PUBG

Raghuveer Kumbar beheads father over PUBG adiction

In a shocking incident, a 21-year-old son mercilessly killed his father for disallowing him to play PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) in Karnataka.

The incident took place in Siddheshwar Nagar under Kakati police station, Belgaum, Karnataka at 5 am this morning, one Raghuveer Kumbar (21), a diploma course dropout who was addicted to PUBG, chopped off the head and the left leg of his father, Shekarappa Revappa Kumbar (61).

“Raghuveer Kumbar killed his father Shankar for cutting the internet connection. He was beaten badly before death for taking his phone and not allowing him to play PUBG game”, Belgaum police said.

Shekarappa, who retired as a carpenter from the district armed reserve police four months ago, had advised his son against mobile game addiction several times.

On September 8 (Sunday), Shekarappa reportedly scolded the youth after he found him engrossed in the mobile game for hours. This irritated Raghuveer who went out and started throwing stones at his neighbour’s glass windows to vent out his frustration. The neighbours, in turn, called the police who summoned Raghuveer and his father to the Kakati police station.

Raghuveer’s father told the police that his son was addicted to games such as PUBG and Final Combat. The police officer let them go after counselling the youth for nearly an hour.

Immediately after reaching home, the youth went back to playing games on his phone and continued till midnight. Shekarappa shouted at his son and asked him to go to sleep. He snatched his mobile phone and refused to return it to Raghuveer.

Raghuveer woke up at 5 am and attacked his father in his sleep with a vegetable knife, after locking his mother’s room from outside.

The mother who got up after she heard her husband’s cries, raised an alarm. A neighbour woke up and called the police. By the time the police arrived, the accused had already beheaded and cut off the victim’s leg. Raghuveer, who had escaped from the house, was nabbed by the police after a search.

Raghuveer confessed to the crime and said that his father’s objection to his playing on the mobile had angered him.

Police Commissioner B S Lokesh Kumar and other senior officials reached the spot and a case has been registered in Kakati police station.

This is, however, not the first incidence where the addiction to PUBG has turned fatal. In June we had reported how one 15-year-old minor boy from Bhiwandi in Thane district of Maharashtra allegedly killed his elder brother, Mohammad Shaik (19), for scolding him over playing the PUBG game on his mobile phone.

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle game developed by a South Korean Firm. Several concerns have been raised across the world regarding the addictive nature of the game, which also has a tendency to push children towards violent behaviour. Parents and educators say the game incites violence and distracts students from their studies.

In the month of May, a 16-year-old boy from Telangana had committed suicide after he was scolded by his parents for spending too much time being engrossed in the mobile game.

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