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Radio Holocaust: Here is how NPR normalises genocidal Hinduphobia

We will be dehumanized no further. I call on Hindus, and all anti-colonial and anti-racist progressive allies, to work towards the elimination of Hinduphobia in the media.

There has been tremendous pain and fear among Hindu listeners of National Public Radio over an incredibly insensitive, intolerant, and hateful tweet from an NPR producer (and coauthor of several recent NPR articles on India), Furkan Khan.

Now deleted tweet by Furhan Khan

This producer has since apologized, and NPR has shared with concerned Hindu organizations that she has also resigned from NPR.

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NPR’s apology

This man called his victims “impure polytheistic cow-piss drinkers” in this video before blowing them up earlier this year. “Cow-piss” and “Cow-dung” are now common racist smears hurled at Hindus by mass killers and professors and journalists alike.

India’s most famous journalists, Indian-origin (and of late self-identified “Hindu”) professors in Europe, Cops, celebrities, all normalizing the same slurs about Hinduism as cow-dung and cow-piss worship that NPR’s journalist and JeM’s suicide bomber promoted.

However, it is not just the particlular employee that seems to have a twisted view of India, Hinduism and the workings of Islamic terrorism.

A Fanonian “White Woman and the Man of Color” Moment in which Lauren infantilizes people who would, had they been born in other skin colors, perhaps be called “Gymnasts” or “Yogis” and not “pole-dancers” in “underpants.”

“Blaming the victim.” A classic racist trope as described by Ella Shohat and Robert Stam. Kashmiri Hindus, the victims of a violent religious pogrom, are described as somehow being “weaponized”

A group of Hindus have started a change.org petition to appeal to NPR to review the Hinduphobic stand taken in its coverage and a more ethical and balanced approach towards reporting on Hinduism and Hindus.

(This article was originally published on Meduim.com and has been reproduced here with the author’s permission)

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