Fact Check: Dubious Facebook page called ‘IT and Social Media Cell Congress’ spreads fake news about PM Modi’s Saudi visit

A dubious Facebook page “I.T and Social Media Cell Congress”, which has an extensive following on Facebook has indulged in sharing a fake image about PM Modi regarding his recently concluded visit to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The suspicious page had shared a photoshopped image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing the traditional Saudi headgear-Keffiyeh after landing at the Riyadh International Airport in Saudi Arabia. The image was shared with a snide caption-“Bhakto (pejorative reference for Modi supporters), you guys boycott Muslims but look at your father (Modi)”.

Before long, the picture went viral on various social media platforms and thousands of users started sharing the picture alleging that PM Modi was indeed sporting a traditional Saudi headgear during his visit to Saudi Arabia. Many Facebook users started making derogatory remarks for PM Modi on the post and others mocked him for kowtowing to Saudi monarchs.

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However, the photo shared by the Congress supported Facebook page was a photoshopped image. A few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had shared the pictures of his landing at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on his Twitter handle. From the photos shared by him, one can clearly ascertain that he did not wear any headgear, much less a “Keffiyeh”.

The doctored photo shared by the Facebook page and thousands of others was either just a part of propaganda of Congress IT cell to tarnish the image of PM Modi among his loyal supporters and sow seeds of doubts in their minds to cast a dent in his credibility, or, supporters of Congress party doing their job for them.

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It is also noteworthy to mention interesting details of the Facebook page-“I.T and Social Media Cell Congress”. Though this page is not verified but is being followed by more than 3,00,000 Facebook users. Besides, the dubious page has changed its name thrice in its short history of existence. It was started off as “I.T cell MPCC” and then its name was changed to “I.T and Social Media Cell Congress”.

This was not the first time when Congress IT cell tried to sully the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ever since Narendra Modi become country’s prime minister in 2014, he has been constantly subjected to hit-jobs and calumny by Congress IT cell supporters in an attempt to discredit him, while struggling to brighten their chances in the elections. However, so far, the outcome has not been very inspiring for the Congress IT cell.

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