Former Diplomat uses Houston paying respect to fallen Sikh officer to belittle PM Modi and the ‘Howdy Modi’ event, spreads fake news

Former Diplomat KC Singh

The rise of Prime Minister Modi has led to the fall of several diplomats and intellectuals after their good sense was washed away by pure, unadulterated hate. One of the personalities who have been consumed by hatred is former Diplomat KC Singh. In an attempt to mock Prime Minister Modi and his historic ‘Howdy Modi’ event, Singh used Houston paying respect to the fallen Sikh police officer, Sandeep Dhaliwal and spread fake news in the process.

KC Singh wrote, “Memorial for Sikh police officer Sandeep Dhaliwal killed in the line of duty in Texas in the same stadium where “HowdyModi” was held. It’s a packed stadium”. In the tweet, he attached a video of a packed stadium in Houston where in NRG stadium, attendees were seen paying their respect to fallen Sikh police officer, Sandeep Dhaliwal.

Sandeep Dhaliwal laid his life down after being shot from behind during a traffic stop in Texas on Friday. A man has been arrested and charged with murder. Dhaliwal had made history as the first Sikh to become a sheriff’s deputy in Texas’s Harris County. He also received permission to wear his turban and beard while on patrol.

KC Singh effectively tried to use the Houston paying respects to Dhaliwal for his petty politics in an attempt to show PM Modi down. Singh tries to insinuate that the NRG stadium is full as a memorial service for the fallen Sikh soldier is being held. He then equates that to the fact that PM Modi’s ‘Howdy Modi’ event was also held at NRG stadium. The insinuation was simple – the ‘Howdy Modi’ event being attended by 50,000 people was not a ‘historic moment’ as being touted by many, because the stadium is packed for a memorial service for the sikh police officer too.

However, in his haste, KC Singh not only has used to the memory of a fallen police officer for petty politics, but also seems to have resorted to spreading fake news.

While Houston mourns the loss of a stellar officer, the event that KC Singh refers to was not a memorial service for the officer, but a football game between Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers.

During the game, the players and the audience had observed a moment of silence for the fallen police officer. This was widely reported in American media.

American media reporting silence observed for Dhaliwal during a football game

It is thus evident that it was not a memorial service that was being held at the NRG stadium but a football game during which, Houston residents observed a moment of silence and paid their respects to the fallen police officer.

It is not unsurprising that KC Singh used Houston’s respect for the Sikh soldier for petty domestic politics and simply, to express his hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. KC Singh has gotten into the habit of peddling fake news and creating a narrative that suits his agenda out of thin air. Earlier, KC Singh had insinuated that he wanted journalists jailed for not being anti-Modi enough.

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