Propagandists share 2017 incident of Dalit man beaten to death allegedly for attending Navratri event as recent one

The usual suspects indulge in spreading propaganda and misleading news (image:

Even as the country is gripped in the fervour of Navratri festivities, some Hinduphobic usual suspects have resorted to demonising Hindus by passing off a 2 years old tragic news of a Dalit man beaten to death allegedly for attending a Garba event as a recent one to fuel discord among society and create fissures within Hindu community.

The case pertains to an untoward incident happened in October 2017 in Gujarat where a Dalit man was beaten to death allegedly for watching Garba event. Several Hinduphobic propagandists have shared this 2017 report to allege as if the incident has happened during the current Navratri festival.

It all started when ParanjoyGuha Thakurta, who has been caught lying through his teeth on multiple occasions, shared the old news article and depicting as if the incident happened during the continuing Navratri celebrations.

‘Journalist’ Paranjoy Guha Thakurta sharing 2017 news without disclaimer

He did not issue any disclaimer that the above unfortunate incident is from 2017. Soon, the article was picked up by the usual suspects like actor Swara Bhaskar who shared the old piece of news expressing shock at the unfortunate incident and asking “What the F*** is happening India??”

2017 incident shared by Swara Bhaskar

When Twitter users pointed out that the news article is about a 2 years old incident and not a current one, instead of humbly apologising for misleading her followers with a past news article, Swara continued her propaganda asking if the perpetrators of the incident are jailed or not.

Clarification issued by Swara Bhaskar that incident is old. However, this clarification didn’t get as much traction.

To her credit, at least she bothered to clarify and put disclaimer that the incident is from 2017.

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Seva Dal too shared the old news of a 21-year-old Dalit man beaten to death allegedly for watching the Garba in its bid to assert that people in India are unsafe under Modi rule.

Karnataka Congress Sevadal sharing 2017 incident

Congress leader Harish Iyer, who identifies himself as a motivational speaker, also joined the list of personalities who shared the misleading news without caring to inform their readers about the year in which it happened.

Congress leader Harish Iyer sharing 2017 report without disclaimers

This triggered ‘The Logical Indian’ to publish a new article about the death of the Dalit man, portraying it as if the incident happened in the ongoing Navratri. Furthermore, no disclaimer was provided by the Logical Indian about the provenance of the incident in their headlines or in the body, making the readers believe that the incident was of recent occurrence.

The Logical Indian sharing 2 year old news as latest in a now deleted tweet
The Logical Indian’s article on Dalit man lynched, now deleted

However, perhaps after realising that they have indulged in publishing news without verifying, The Logical Indian abruptly pulled down the article without tendering any explanation for the same.

Fun fact: The Logical Indian’s Facebook page started out as an Arvind Kejriwal fan page in December 2013 which wanted to see him as the next prime minister of India.

The Logical Indian’s Facebook page which was originally Arvind Kejriwal fan page

The Hinduphobic bigots who partook in disseminating the misleading news report showed no regard for first verifying the news, the time and date of its occurrence and other related details before sharing it with their followers. For them, hatred for the current regime trumps everything else. It is to this end that a 2-years-old news piece was shared as the latest one to demonise Hindus as intolerant and oppressive and plant seeds of doubts among Dalits against Hindus.

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