Normalising Paedophilia? American talk show wants to know people’s opinions about ‘compulsory self-touching lessons’ for children

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The Talk, a program of CBS News in the USA, recently asked a distasteful question on social media about children being given ‘compulsory self-touching lessons’. In a tweet posted on the social media platform, it said, “Children as young as six are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that will teach them about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals.” Then, it asked people what they thought.
As expected, people on Twitter were disgusted by the tweet and labeled it child abuse. However, The Talk didn’t really say exactly where children were being given lessons on masturbation. After digging through the internet, we found a report by Daily Mail from September, 2019 in which it was reported that “Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.”


It is apparently as part of a new education program ‘All About Me’ program that is supposed to be rolled out in Britain next year. The report said, “All About Me is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).”

People on social media are universally against the move and have offered sharp critique in replies to the tweet. They have also said that law enforcement authorities should keep a strict watch on anyone who volunteers for the job.
Some also pointed towards the fact that the people in charge of The Talk’s social media account even felt it was necessary to ask the question.
The tweet by The Talk got devastatingly ‘ratioed’. Being ratioed refers to a tweet that has got a lot more replies than it has retweets. It has been observed to be a good indicator of blunder tweets. The logic behind the term that has grown immensely popular on the internet is this: If the number of replies to a tweet vastly outpaces its engagement in terms of likes and retweets, then something has gone horribly wrong. For the current tweet, as of the time of writing this report, the tweet received 1,300 retweets and over thirteen thousand replies.

In recent times, a troubling trend has emerged in the West. Progressives appear to be working overtime to normalize paedophilia. A new strategy that has been adopted to normalize paedophilia is the invention of the term “Virtuous Paedophiles”. According to the narrative, ‘virtuous paedophiles’ are those who admit their paedophile tendencies and yet never act upon their urges. It has also been argued that society contributes to sex crimes against children by marginalizing and blaming paedophiles.

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