Indian Idol Judge calls former Supreme Court Judge ‘disgraceful’ and ‘coward’, receives severe backlash

Vishal Dadlani, a Bollywood entertainer, who often plays the role of the judge in a TV music contest named ‘Indian Idol’ and also unsurprisingly a former Aam Aadmi Party supporter, in a shocking tweet, attempted to target the former CJI Ranjan Gogoi’s legacy by terming it ‘disgraceful’ and ‘cowardly’.

Dadlani on Monday wrote on Twitter, “Goodbye, ex-CJI Gogoi, and I hope you can stomach the disgraceful and cowardly legacy you have left this august Office. This article by @gautambhatia88 sums it up.”.

Sharing an article, Vishal Dadlani had made disparaging comments on the legacy of former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi following his historic judgement on Ram Mandir. The slanderous article targetting the former CJI is written by a lawyer named Gautam Bhatia.

Following the vile behaviour of the Bollywood entertainer-turned-political activist, social media verbally thrashed Vishal Dadlani for foul-mouthing him. The social media users even trended #SackDadlaniFromIndianIdol on Twitter asking the makers of the singing competition to drop him from the show.

Some netizens expressed their opinion on the issue, stating that it was an ‘absolute misuse of freedom of free speech’.

Some others felt that the TV show judge should be dealt with strictly for showing expressing his contempt against the honourable retired Supreme Court judge.

This is not the first time that Dadlani has made such crass comment on respected individuals of the country. In August 2016, Dadlani had tweeted his displeasure at the ‘colossal idiocy’ of ‘some naked monk’ addressing the Haryana assembly. His tweets did not go down well with the Jain community and to damage control, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain had to tweet apologies on behalf of Dadlani.

Following public outcry by a number of netizens, Dadlani had to eventually apologize for his tweets. He had to issue a public statement of apology and also met the Jain monk personally to seek his forgiveness.

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