Watch: “You think I can’t buy an AK-47?” JNU ‘student’ threatens to take up arms while protesting against hostel fee hike

Protesting student on the JNU campus who threatened to buy an AK-47 to shoot police and media, courtesy: Republic TV

In a shocking video, one of the protesting students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), who have taken to violence while protesting against the ‘unaffordable’ hostel fee hike, was seen threatening a media person that he had all the means to purchase an AK-47 rifle to shoot the police and journalists if he wants to.

On November 19, the Republic TV’s Legal Editor, Rhythm Bharadwaj, was interviewing a JNU student on the University campus when he, in his attempt, to justify the violence being resorted to, by the JNU students, in their ensuing battle against the administration was heard threatening the media person.

The students had reportedly blocked ambulances, stalled traffic on the arterial roads of Delhi yesterday, after the protests that have been going on for about 3 weeks spiralled out of the University onto the roads of Delhi after the JNUSU called for a protest-march from college to Parliament to demand the rollback of the increased fees, along with multiple other restrictions imposed.

In the video, the student is heard threatening the journalist, as he justifies picking up lathis and guns in retaliation to the alleged police action. “Lathi aur bandook humein bhi uthana aata hain, kal humlog ki baari thi, aaj police aur media ki bhi baari aa sakti hain..”, (roughly translated as, even we know how to pick up sticks and guns. Yesterday it was us, today it might be the police or the media’s turn) said the student.

When the reporter cross-questioned the student on his warning of picking up lathis against the authorities by asking “aap ab lathi-charge karenge?” (You will now resort to lathi-charge?), the student said, “Bilkul karenge, kyun nahi karenge…hum kisi se darte nahi hain (why not, of course, we will lathi-charge, we are not scared of anyone)”.

When the media person questioned him on the unlawful protest, the JNU student remarked, “Mein physically handicapped hoon, mujhe janwaro ki tarah maara gaya, kya mein nahi khareed sakta AK-47, meri itni aukaat nahi hain kya? (I was beaten yesterday. A physically handicapped person was beaten yesterday. I am saying that can’t I purchase an AK-47? Don’t I have the status to buy an AK-47? We will open fire using guns. We will kill the journalists one by one.)”

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Yesterday, Republic TV had claimed that the JNUSU avoided answering questions asked by their crew and their crew were heckled by the students gathered there.

The JNU students have been protesting for the last few weeks about the new hostel manual which advocated a hike in hostel fees, dress code regulations, and curfew timings. Yesterday the JNUSU called for a protest-march from college to Parliament to demand the rollback of the increased fees, along with multiple other restrictions imposed. A few days back, a soon-to-be inaugurated Swami Vivekananda’s bust in the campus was vandalised by the JNU hoodlums opposing the new fees hike and other restrictions.

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