Uttar Pradesh: Mansoori community in Kaushambi villages protest against construction at cemetery land, claim forceful occupation by land mafia

Tension in Kaushambi villages over possession of cemetery, courtesy: Dainik Jagran

Tension has gripped the area after an alleged group of land mafia began some construction work in a particular cemetery, belonging to the Mansoori community, near the Idgah (the place where mass prayers are offered by the Muslims) in Ansarganj locality falling under Kaushambi district in Uttar Pradesh, which had been forcefully occupied by them a few days ago.

This cemetery, which is believed to be the ancestral graveyard of the Mansoori community was forcefully occupied by the land mafias a while ago. The Mansoori community, spread across several villages like Purva, Turtipur, Rahimpur Molani uses the Ansarganj cemetery.

Tension arose when the intruders allegedly started some construction work on the land two days ago. Local residents belonging to the Mansoori community, namely Aashiq Ali Mansuri, Hasan Ali Mansuri, Rafiq Ahmad Mansuri, Mushtaq Ahmad Mansuri, Hasim Ali and Ahmed Ali have begun protests against this alleged forceful occupation and illegal construction in what they believe to be their ancestral property.

They have approached higher officials with complaint letters wherein they mentioned that the cemetery land has belonged to the community for several generations. The community has claimed that the graveyard also finds mention in local revenue records as the property of the community.

The community has alleged tha the land mafia has occupied the land by force and have now started construction at the site.

Judging by the tensions that gripped the area following the illegal occupancy and alleged construction in the graveyard, SDM Rajesh Chandra has ordered to maintain status quo until any further notice.

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