Actor-cum-cocktail politician, Swara Bhasker, refers to a four-year-old child actor as ‘chu**ya’ in a ‘comedy’ show

Film actor Swara Bhaskar campaigning for AAP candidate Atishi Marlena during 2019 general elections (image: Hindustan Times)

Comedy is a strange medium these days. One is encouraged to ‘roast’ and be mean, offensive to people’s sensibilities in the name of humour but the same set of ‘comedians’ who like to identify themselves as the ones who show the mirror to the establishment. In a recent episode of popular comedy show ‘Son of Abish’ on YouTube, daughter of Censor Board member during the UPA regime Ira Bhasker and small-time actor, Swara Bhasker, referred to a child actor as ‘chu**ya’.

She is describing one of her initial ad shoots about a soap where against her expectations of appearing in a dreamy sequence she was confronted with a four-year-old child actor. When the child called her ‘aunty’, Bhasker, in her head, called the child ‘chu**ya’ even as the audience erupted in laughter. “Children are basically evil, right?” she says while the host of the show Abish, agrees.

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In the ‘comedy show’ she then talks more about the ad where the little boy wanted to relieve himself but no one was taking him to washroom, so she felt pity on the ‘kameena bachha’ because after all he is a child. She later narrates how the child peed in the water tub he was already in and she had to shoot in that situation only.

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