Watch: The man who was threatened by Karti Chidambaram for asking a question on INX media scam speaks up

Prakash Belwade-Patil, the former secretary of ABVP in Maharashtra, has said that the bail of both P Chidambaram and his Karti Chidambaram as they keep threatening people. Patil had received a threatening message from Karti yesterday after he had tweeted to P Chidambaram suggesting him to write an article on “How you made money and skilled your son also.”

After his tweet to P Chidambaram, Karti had sent a direct message to Prakash on Twitter, asking him to come to his office, as he was told that Patil needs Karti’s advice. To this Prakash had replied asking him the give the advice publicly so that everyone can benefit. After that Karti Chidambaram, who is a member of Lok Sabha, sent him another direct message asking his address, saying that he will personally come to give him advice. Prakash said that sending such a personal message amounts to issuing a threat.

Talking to ANI, Prakash said that both father and son are out on bail, and the courts have asked them to not interact with media, not to interfere with evidence, but they keep threatening people like this. “Therefore, I request the court to cancel their bail, and send them back to Tihar jail,” Prakash said.

He said that he is a social worker and uses social media to express his feelings openly, and the Chidambaram family can also use social media openly, but sending such personal messages is not right. Prakash added that if the Chidambaram family takes matter personally forward, he will talk with his guides to decide on necessary action.

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