Ex-AAP MLA Alka Lamba live streamed her Facebook interaction with cat filters on

Alka Lamba's Facebook live with various filters on (image: screenshots of video viral on Twitter)

Former AAP MLA and currently Congress leader Alka Lamba held a Facebook live event recently in Delhi. The person handling her Facebook account inadvertently left the ‘filters’ on where a tool lets you put various layers of ‘filters’ on your face so that one can look like a cat or a puppy or an old man with beard.

At one point, the person Lamba was interviewing had ‘goggles and hat’ filter which changed into a gold medal filter and eventually into a purple moustache filter.

Another lady also got old man with beard filter and then googly eyes filter making the people she was interviewing appear funny.

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Lamba was speaking to the members of ‘Disabled Employees Association of Railway’ who were sitting on a dharna over delayed recruitment. The disabled protestors have been camping in Delhi’s Mandi House intersection since last several days over employment opportunities. They too appeared with various filters during the Facebook live event of Lamba.

Many people left funny comments on the faux pas at Lamba’s Facebook event.

One Sahab SRK informed Lamba that the person making the video is a ‘psycho’.

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The video has since been taken off from Facebook.

Lamba’s political journey

Lamba recently moved back to Congress after her very public breakup with Aam Aadmi Party where she took to Twitter to let everyone know how Delhi CM and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal had removed her from WhatsApp group. After serving Congress in various capacities for over 20 years, she quit the grand old party to join AAP in December 2014. However, within 5 years of being in AAP, Lamba grew disillusioned with the party leadership. She finally resigned from the party in September 2019 after rumbling for over a year that she would leave the party.

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