From wanting modern day ‘Mahatma’ to fast unto death, to ‘everyone is a piece of shit, ‘Liberals’ lose their mind opposing CAB

PM Modi, HM Amit Shah (image:

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah in the Parliament today. As expected, the Opposition came up with a series of bizarre arguments against the Bill. The journalists weren’t too far behind. On social media, it was an all-around meltdown in the ‘secular’ camp.

Shama Mohamed, a national media panellist for the Congress party, claimed that the Bill is an insult to Indian Muslims despite the fact that it has nothing to do with them at all. It appears a deliberate attempt to fuel divisions within the country.

Compulsive hatemonger Arfa Khanum Sherwani wasn’t too far behind either. She claims that the Bill changes the basic structure of the Constitution. She went ahead to claim that onus to ‘Save India’ was now on Hindus.

According to Suhasini Haidar, an editor at the newspaper ironically named The Hindu, India is debasing itself by providing citizenship rights to religious minorities in Islamic States where non-Muslims suffer rampant persecution due to their religion.

Rajdeep Sardesai, agenda-peddler in chief, claimed that ‘wounds that were healing’ were being opened up because Amit Shah mentioned the religious persecution faced by Hindus in Bangladesh. It appears, according to him, India should abandon the Hindus of the subcontinent to their fate because it might hurt the feelings of India’s ally.

The meltdown was much more obvious in certain other quarters. Vidya Krishna, who features in The Hindu and The Caravan, called people ‘a piece of sh*t’ for exercising their voting preferences in the elections.

Meanwhile, Barkha Dutt is looking for a ‘modern-day Gandhi’ who will fast unto death against the Bill. Social Media users are wondering why wasn’t she volunteering for the purpose.

Zafar Abbas, another ‘journalist’, expressed his bewilderment at the fact that Amit Shah is the Home Minister of the country for stating the obvious.

Rohini Singh, infamous for her biased reportage during the UP Assembly Elections, called the Bill which provides citizenship to persecuted religious minorities ‘one of the most evil exercises’.

Then there were, of course, the likes of Sreenivasan Jain, who claimed that Muslims are minorities in the Islamic States of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. One would have hoped that the ‘secular’ camp would see the obvious necessity of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, however, it appears it’s too much decency to expect from them.

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