I kept asking but no one came to help: Mumbai lawyer chases molester Javed at Dadar station even as a bystander empathises with accused

Accused Javed who had allegedly molested a lawyer at Dadar Station, Mumbai (image: mid-day.com)

Days after the horrific Hyderabad rape and murder case, Mumbai based 24-year-old crime lawyer chased down the man who allegedly molested her, caught him as he tried to escape and handed him over to cops even as one fellow commuter empathised with the accuser. According to a report by Mid-Day, the lawyer was walking towards the first class of the ladies compartment on platform no. 3 at Dadar station at 11 PM on Saturday when the accused Javed Jan Shaha allegedly put his hand between her legs from behind.

The woman punched him with his elbow and when she turned around, she saw him run away. She held him by his collar but he managed to board the Borivli fast train which was about to leave the platform. Holding his collar, she also boarded the train as she did not want to let him go.

Even as she fought him alone, the woman alleges that none of the bystanders came to help her. In fact, she alleges, that one even showed sympathy to the man and asked her to ease her grip as she might be ‘hurting’ his neck. She then alleges that the man started touching her feet to apologise.

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Adding to her ordeal, she alleges that the police, instead of helping her out, were reluctant to file an FIR and even warned her about the legal hurdles she may have to face should she  pursue the case. However, when she told them she’s a lawyer herself, they filed the case.

The accused, 32-year-old Javed is a medical student and hails from a good family. However, the woman alleged that his WhatsApp chats revealed that he was sending vulgar messages to women just to harass them.

Expressing shock at the apathy of bystanders, she said that what shocked her most about the incident was that in a city like Mumbai, no one came forward to help her.

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