Proposal in favour of introduction of Citizenship Amendment Bill passes in Lok Sabha with 293 Ayes and 82 Noes

Amit Shah(Source: The Tribune)

After an intense debate on the legal and constitutional merits of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the Lok Sabha has voted in favour of the introduction of the bill in the parliament.

The proposal to introduce the bill in the parliament passed with 293 members of Lok Sabha voting Aye and 82 members voting No.

Voting in Lok Sabha

The Citizenship Amendment Bill proposes to provide citizenship to the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, Christian, Jain etc minorities of Islamic nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are severely persecuted and have been demanding citizenship of India for long.

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The opposition parties including Congress, TMC etc have opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill tooth and nail asserting that the bill is anti-Muslim. The opposition parties fail to understand that CAB aims to give citizenship to persecuted minorities from Islamic nations and that Muslim sects like Shias and Ahmeddiyas are not ‘minorities’ since Islam is the dominant religion of those countries.

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Today in the parliament, the opposition parties’ argument against the CAB were mostly misplaced and born out of their electoral politics that aims to appease the minority Muslim community in India. AIMIM chief Owaisi went as far as to call Amit Shah ‘Hitler’ and said that the constitution would be subverted if the bill is introduced and passed.

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