AAP supporter Vishal Dadlani says ‘rapes, encounters and onions’ are evil plan to ‘distract’ from ‘dangerous’ Citizenship Amendment Bill

Vishal Dadlani, image via India Today

Home Minister Amit Shah is going to bring the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha today. Opposition parties and India’s so-called ‘secular liberals’ have been opposing the proposed bill tooth and nail, for it does not include Muslims from the Muslim-majority neighbour countries of India.

Amidst all the arguments made against the bill by the so-called ‘secular-liberal’ parties and persons, one stands out. AAP supporter and music director Vishal Dadlani has floated a wild conspiracy theory that is being mocked on social media. Vishal thinks that all the recent cases of rape, murder, encounters and even ‘onions’ are actually the government’s evil plan to distract the citizenry from the ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill’. Dadlani had shared a post claiming the same on Instagram.

Vishal Dadlani Instagram

Dadlani, however, did not offer any explanation to support his theory. He did not attempt to explain why would the government need to ‘encounters’ or ‘onions’ to ‘distract’ the people from a bill that is to be presented in the parliament and telecast on live TV, in front of hundreds of parliamentarians and with millions of Indians watching.

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He also did not care to explain why would the government bother to ‘sneak’ something which was declared loud and clear in their election manifesto, the very manifesto which the BJP used to ask for votes and which gave them an overwhelming majority in the general elections.

The CAB seeks to ease the process for getting Indian citizenship for persecuted minorities like Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians from neighbourhood Muslim-majority nations, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

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