I thought this guy was a villain and talked crap only in movies: Adnan Sami on Raza Murad using him to criticise CAA

Adnan Sami, Raza Murad

The Citizenship Amendment Act which aims to give citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighbouring Islamic nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan has resulted in widespread riots and protests by Muslim mobs since its passage in the Parliament. Several individuals, especially from Bollywood have commented on the Act and asserted that it is against the tenets of ‘secularism’. The latest to join the bandwagon was actor Raza Murad who has now been slammed by musician Adnan Sami.

Speaking to India Today, Raza Murad hinted that the Citizenship Amendment Act is against the secular principles of the Indian Constitution. He said that nobody can be discriminated against on the basis of religion as per the constitution. Of course, Raza Murad failed to realise that CAA has nothing to do with the current citizens of India or the rights they are guaranteed under the Constitution.

Saying that CAA should also include Muslims and be based on merit, Raza Murad, who had joined Congress in 2004, said that India even gave citizenship to Adnan Sami, who is a Muslim and was a Pakistani citizen. Using Adnan Sami to hit out at CAA, Murad said that Sami’s father was also a soldier in the Pakistan Airforce and yet he was given citizenship. Further, he said that he doesn’t have a problem with Sami’s citizenship, however, his problem is that one community is being othered in the Act.

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Reacting to Raza Murad using him as a means to target the CAA, Adnan Sami took to Twitter to slam the actor.

Tweeting, Adnan Sami said, “I thought that this guy was a villain & talked crap only in Movies!!”.

Earlier, Adnan Sami had spoken in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act. He had said, “The CAB Bill is for religions that are being persecuted in ‘Theocratic States’. Muslims are NOT persecuted for their religion in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh because they are in majority over there. Muslims CAN still apply for Indian citizenship like before. All are welcome through the legal ‘Front Door’!”

Adnan Sami, who got Indian citizenship in 2015 on humanitarian grounds after he legally applied for it was right, indeed.

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It is pertinent to note here that Home Minister Amit Shah had revealed earlier that the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has provided citizenship to 566 Muslims since it came to power in 2014. The revelation made by Amit Shah dispeled the narrative that persecuted Muslims from the three neighbouring Islamic States will not be able to acquire Indian Citizenship going forward.

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The Citizenship Amendment Act aims to specifically expedite the citizenship process for persecuted minorities from neighbouring Islamic nations, however, that does not stop anyone else to apply for citizenship, just like Adnan Sami did.

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