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From whitewashing Indian Islamists to shielding Pakistan ones: Congress calls Nankana Sahib video fake, says Mullah threatening Sikhs is ‘Sanghi bhasha’

Congress Chhattisgarh also said that the video that shows the Mullah threatening the Sikhs of Pakistan was fake. They said that "both sides" (alleging India and Pakistan) have been spreading fake videos where they can be seen using "the same kind of language".

On Friday, in yet another incident reaffirming the persecution of minorities in Pakistan, the angry mob of Muslims had gathered around the Sikh shrine of Gurudwara Nankana Sahib and started pelting stones at it. The mob of angry Muslims gheraoed the holy shrine on Friday afternoon, leaving many devotees stranded inside. The protesters threatened to destroy the gurdwara and build a mosque in its place.

Hundreds of Muslims protestors swarmed the Gurudwara Nankana Sahib and raised inflammatory slogans against the Sikhs. “We will not let any Sikh live in Nankana Sahib and will its name to Ghulam-e-Mustafa,” one of the irate Muslim protestors exclaimed.

The mob was being led by the family of Mohammad Hassan, the boy who allegedly abducted and converted Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur, who is the daughter of the gurdwara’s granthi. The family was Hassan is seen in all videos where the mob can be seen attacking the Gurudwara.

In one of the several videos that surfaced, the Muslim protestor who is purportedly the family of Mohammad Hassan can be seen saying, “Main aa raha hu Sikhon, anjaam bahut bura hoga, ya Allah, La Illaha Illallah” (I am coming Sikhs, the result will be bad. Ya Allah. La Illaha Illallah).

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Plugging that video, BJP spokesperson Sambhi Patra quipped and asked someone to translate the threats in Italian so Congress can stop asking for proof of minority persecution in Pakistan.

The quip was because, after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament by the BJP government, that gives citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan that have fled the Islamic State, Congress has fast descended into madness and appeasement of radical Islamists.

The Congress has joined hands with radical Islamists in India who have been running riots since the passage of the bill. Congress has been seen actively shielding them, egging them on and even justifying the violence unleashed by Muslim mobs.

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In response, the Chhattisgarh Congress decided to move from whitewashing Indian jihadis to shielding their Pakistani counterparts.

The official handle of Congress Chhattisgarh chose to indulge in shocking chicanery.

Congress, in response to Sambhit Patra, said that the language being used by the Mullah in Pakistan threatening Sikhs is the language which is used by “sanghis”. “Sanghis” is a pejorative term used by Congress, Islamists and Leftists to refer to Hindus and those who in general support Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Further, Congress Chhattisgarh alleged that the video that shows the Mullah threatening the Sikhs of Pakistan was fake. They said that “both sides” (alleging India and Pakistan) have been spreading fake videos where they can be seen using “the same kind of language”.

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Firstly, it is important to clarify that the video does not appear to be fake. Journalist Ravinder Robin Singh had posted several videos where the same man in the same clothes can be seen as a part of the mob that attacked Nankana Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan.

The first image below is a snapshot of the video uploaded by the journalist who broke the news and the second is from the video that has been plugged by Sambhit Patra. One can see that in both the pictures, it is the same Mullah in the same clothes.

Screengrab from video uploaded by journalist

Screengrab from the video uploaded by Sambit Patra

Furthermore, it is shocking that Congress would shield the family of the boy who abducted and forcefully converted a Sikh girl and was then baying for Sikh blood to get the criminal boy released.

One also wonders how Congress drew an equivalence between the threats being issued by Muslim mob to Sanghis when it is there allies who have been screaming “La illaha Illellah” and “Hinduon se Azadi” while rioting against CAA. Clearly, after shielding the Islamists and Muslim mobs of India, Congress has now moved to shield the Jihadis of Pakistan.

It is pertinent to note that several Congress leaders have been booked for the anti-CAA riots by Muslim mobs that have gripped the nation.

While investigating the incidents of statewide violence which occurred on December 21, the Patna Police recently got their hands on Congress leader Ashutosh Sharma who has been accused of attacking media people during the Bihar bandh and has been on the run since then. Congress leader Ashutosh Sharma was caught on camera assaulting journalists at the Dak Bungalow Chowk in Patna. The Congress leader was reportedly on the run after the case was registered against him.

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The crime branch of Ahmedabad police had nabbed a Congress leader for posting a fake and misleading video on social media which incited a Muslim mob during a protest march at Shah-e-Alam, Gujarat, where several police officials were brutally attacked by Muslim mobs.

Congress party’s minority cell member Umar Khan Pathan had shared a video on social media in which a police action against rioters from Lucknow was passed on as an incident in Ahmedabad stoking violence in the Shah-e-Alam. The fake news had unleashed a violent Muslim mob, who attacked and injured more than 25 policemen on duty.

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The Ahmedabad Police had arrested Congress Corporator Shehzad Khan Pathan along with 32 others for carrying out the deadly attack during anti-CAA riots on police personnel. They have been booked for attempt to murder, rioting and assaulting police.

Additionally, Six people including four local politicians and the former Congress MLA were named as suspects in the Delhi Police FIR related to Jamia violence. The Delhi Police had named former Congress MLA Asif Khan as one of the accused in its FIR.

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