From g*ndu to b*hench*d, here is how foreign cricketers took to Hindi swearwords like fish takes to water

Just two cricketers taking in the spirit of the game. (image @icc)

In the last ten years since the start of IPL, many players from outside the sub-continent spend a reasonable amount of time (approx two months) in India every year. This has helped them in understanding the culture and diversity of India. But but but, in the process, they have also learned something unusual from the Indian players, swearing. In Hindi. Yes, many foreign players were caught on camera swearing in Hindi or admitted that they know the meaning of it when someone called them names in Hindi.

In the recently concluded T20I game between India and New Zealand in Auckland, Martin Guptill was caught saying ‘Gan*u’ on the LIVE post-match broadcast, which has gone viral on social media.

Chahal went with mic towards Guptill, who was having a conversation with Rohit Sharma. As soon as Chahal asked ‘what’s happening boys,’ Guptill replied, ‘hey gan*u.’

Generally, it is found that players from New Zealand have a ‘special’ ability to learn these words quickly. There is a video of Ross Taylor who also belongs to New Zealand was caught saying ‘Behanc**d’ after taking a catch against India in a Test match.

Jimmy Neesham of New Zealand was once abused in Hindi by an Indian cricket follower, told the fan that he understands all the cuss words in Hindi.

Tweet to Jimmy Neesham

West Indian star bowler, Sheldon Cottrell, accepted on Twitter that he had learned some cuss words through stump mic.

England’s Ben Stokes often stated as ‘behanch*d’ because of his name, and the funny thing is that Ben also knows this, and these days, he makes fun of his name on Twitter. During the test series against South Africa, Rohit yelled ‘bhaag behanch*d’ to Pujara and Stokes tweeted

Ben Stokes has got enough too many responses on twitter related to Kohli’s fav cuss word that he now point it out every time someone calls it on the cricket field. If you watch the below GIF carefully, you will feel Kohli is saying Ben Stokes when he is actually saying ‘Behanch*d’.

Virat Kohli calling out to Ben Stokes, if you know what we mean.

Well, it is not for nothing that they say the first step to know a language is to know the swearwords.

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