Habitual fake news peddler Saba Naqvi shares a photoshopped image to allege that ABVP protested against the CAA

Saba Naqvi(Source: News Bugz)

Mythomaniac Saba Naqvi was today once again caught peddling a lie when she was called out for sharing a photoshopped image of ABVP members protesting against the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Saba, by quoting a tweet containing the misleading picture, alluded that ABVP, the right wing students’ organisation, was protesting against the CAA legislation brought in by the BJP-led government, and it shows that the world is changing. The photoshopped image displayed ABVP members with the banner reading “We don’t support NRC, CAB, CAA”. The banner also used demeaning language for the Union Home Minister Amit Shah which read “Modi go back, Takla Shah go back (Baldie Shah go back)” and had pictures of PM Modi and Amit Shah with shoe marks imprinted on them. The banner read #ABVPAssam to assert that the Assam unit of the ABVP had carried out the protest against the CAA.

However, Saba’s lie was promptly outed by the National Social Media Convener of the ABVP,  Varada Marathe, who took a swipe at the incorrigible fake news peddler by saying “The world is indeed changing, Miss Naqvi. But when will you change and stop sharing photoshopped images?” Varada had also quoted her past tweet in which she had shared the original version of the image.

As can be seen from the above tweet, the original version of the photo had ABVP members with saffron flags and banners reading “We support CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act)”. An image of the ABVP supporters holding banner in support of the CAA was deliberately photoshopped to portray that the ABVP is not on the same page as the BJP regarding the legislation of the CAA.

Furthermore, the image does not belong to the Assam unit of the ABVP as projected in the photoshopped image shared by Saba. It belongs to the JNU unit of the ABVP and was from December 18 when the ABVP members of the JNU in Delhi, along with a section of teachers came out on streets to extend their support for the Citizenship Amendment Act.

‘Journalist’ Saba Naqvi, who has often been found peddling fake news on her social media page was earlier exposed for promoting fake news carried by the Caravan daily. Saba Naqvi had shared a report published by the Caravan, which alleged that a Muslim driver was tied up and cruelly beaten up for refusing to chant “Jai Shri Ram”. As it turned out, the news was a hoax. But, instead of humbly apologising for her error, Saba resorted to pontification to mask her brazen Hinduphobia.

In 2018, she had shared old fake news from 2015 where she asserted that a Dalit man was murdered for entering a temple in Uttar Pradesh. The news, firstly, was from 2015 when Akhilesh Yadav was Chief Minister. Secondly, the man was murdered by a drunk and not because he entered the temple. However, this did not deter Saba from exploiting the caste fault-lines by trying to pit Dalits against Hindus.

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