Present intelligent and logical arguments before public: PM Modi reminds media of its duty to present credible news

PM Modi at UNGA session (image @aljazeera on Twitter)

Prime Minister Modi while addressing an event held by Tamil magazine reminded media of its duty of presenting credible news to public. Delivering a televised address from Delhi on Tamil political and satirical journal Tughlaq’s golden jubilee celebrations in Chennai, PM Modi said that facts give moral strength to news and asked media houses to present intelligent and logical arguments before the public.

Making a veiled attack at Congress, PM Modi said after coming to Delhi did he get to know that those who ruled the country for so many years liked to keep things in pendulum mode perpetuating uncertainty. “Cause the problem, further it and then pretend to solve it. But things have changed now. Our government has taken up mission of solving problems that have persisted for decades,” PM Modi said.

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Stressing upon the development, PM Modi said that some people with vested interest are not able to digest it. “They are trying their best to mislead, confuse and create unrest,” he said.

Appreciating media’s role in spreading awareness about cleanliness and single use plastic, PM Modi said that he hoped the media would continue to support such nation-building initiatives.

Cautioning against those with vested interest trying to mislead public and cause unrest, PM Modi said that in such times it is the duty of the media to give credible news to public. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, who was also present at the event, said that ethical journalism should be practiced by all media houses.

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