NDTV shields Muslim rioters, says not 57 but could find only 1 police officer who suffered bullet wounds, UP police calls the lies out

NDTV, image via NDTV

Uttar Pradesh has been worst hit by the anti-CAA riots in which Muslim mob ran amok, resorting to severe violence, vandalism, arson and stone-pelting in the pretext of ‘peaceful’ protests at the behest of many Opposition parties and rabid Islamic organisations and NDTV has been at the forefront of spreading lies to legitimise these riots.

Revealing the injuries suffered by the Uttar Pradesh Police in the ensue, Director-General of Police (DGP) OP Singh, on December 21, said that 57 police officers have suffered gunshot wounds. He added that some of the officers were in critical condition.

However, the desperation of media to whitewash the crimes committed by Muslim mobs during the anti-CAA riots has compelled NDTV to once again resort to lies and distortion of facts.

In one of its articles titled ‘UP Police Say 57 Cops Had Bullet Injuries In Clashes. We Found Only One’ published today (January 4, 2020), NDTV doubted the claims made by the Uttar Pradesh Police. It said in its report that “The Uttar Pradesh government claims that about 300 police personnel were injured, of whom 57 suffered bullet injuries. But when asked for details of the policemen with gunshot wounds, the police top brass didn’t seem as forthcoming”.

NDTV, which is an indispensable part of the fake news factory went on to dispute Uttar Pradesh Police’s claims by writing that the UP Police have merely provided numbers but have not disclosed the names of those officers whom they claim have had bullet injuries.

Screenshot of NDTV report dated January 4, 2020

While disputing the UP police’s claims, their only proof was that NDTV could not reach the other personnel who have been injured in the anti-CAA riots. There are several reasons why the identity of those injured are being kept a secret. One of the possible reasons could be the apprehension of retributive action of Islamists.

The Uttar Pradesh police have, however, taken to Twitter to fact-check NDTV. It has cleared that the injury reports are documented and part of the official record.

Interestingly, while trying to spread lies and discredit the bullet wounds suffered by the police, NDTV also tried to shield Islamists who ran riots in Uttar Pradesh.

NDTV article snapshot

While the Islamist mobs went on a rampage, the NDTV continued to call them “protestors” and blamed UP police of “excessive force and high-handedness” in dealing with them.

This narrative is in tune with what the Congress party has been saying. In fact, even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to allege the same when he shared old videos from Bangladesh to say that the UP police was “beating up Muslims”. The fake tweets were later deleted.

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The Uttar Pradesh saw unprecedented communal riots after Muslim mobs following the Friday prayers resorted to extreme violence against police officials. The Uttar Pradesh administration had to resort to lathi-charge to take control of the situation. The Muslim mobs also fired bullets in those ‘peaceful protests’ and pelted stones at the police officials.

Responding to the allegation of the police excess against the rioters in the state, UP Police has time and again restated that the actions taken by them were merely counter-reactions to the atrocities unleashed by the Muslim rioters who had run amok injuring several innocent citizens, police personnel while damaging public properties worth crores.

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Though the Uttar Pradesh Police has produced various evidence in the form of pictures and CCTV footage to establish its claims, the so-called ‘secular-liberal’ media refuse to abstain from weaving false and malicious stories to suit their agenda.

Recently, ABP journalist Shobhna Yadav had also displayed similar quirk by humanising the Muslim mobs which had unleashed extreme violence in the state during the anti-CAA riots.

On Thursday, at ABP Shikhar Sammelan 2020,  Uttar Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya spoke on the anti-CAA riots that took place in Uttar Pradesh in which Muslim mobs unleashed extreme violence on police officials and damaged public properties.

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Maurya reiterated that the government will not accept any kind of violence. The innocent will be treated with respect and anyone who has indulged in violence will not be spared, he added.

However, the ABP journalist was quick to humanise the Muslim mobs by stating that the rioters belonged to ‘poor’ families and could not afford to pay for damages. She questioned the government on how will they make those ‘poor’ pay for damaging public properties in the state.

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