Norway: Four Muslims abduct and threaten to kill Christian evangelist if he does not recite Arabic words, convert to Islam

Roar Fløttum

In a shocking incident in Norway, four Muslim men abducted, beat up, and robbed a Christian preacher demanding that he either convert to Islam or be killed, reports Barnabasfund.

According to the reports, the victim identified as Roar Fløttum is involved in preaching regularly and praying for the sick on the streets of the historic northern city of Trondheim, Norway. On 28 November, he was befriended by four men who wanted him to pray for a friend who had “injured his foot and was waiting for an ambulance”.

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However, Christian evangelist Fløttum was abducted, beaten and his bank cards, mobile phone were stolen from him by the Muslim men who wanted him to convert to Islam. They held him hostage and over 10,000 Kr (1000 US dollars) were withdrawn from his accounts.

The abductors forced Christian evangelist Fløttum to recite Arabic words and demanded he “convert to Islam or die” while being held against his will.

Fløttum said, “They wanted me to say a few words in Arabic. I was scared and actually thought they were going to kill me because they said they had a knife and didn’t want witnesses.”

The local police are now investigating the incident, which is first of its kind in the city. However, the police are yet to make any arrests in the case.

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Even after the horrific incidents, Fløttum intends to continue his evangelism work in Trondheim. “I am out on the streets a lot and have never before experienced anything like this. It is still early days as I feel traumatised after the event, but I have no plans on letting this incident stop me. I only want to tell others about God’s love,” he said.

Reportedly, there are about that 5.7% of Muslims, mostly Sunni Muslims living in the country as estimated in 2016. There is also a significant minority of Shia Muslims in the country. Trondheim, in the central region, has a small Muslim community that has grown there over the past ten years. The Muslim Society and Masjid al-Salam each have a mosque in the city.

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