Pakistan training 40 Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh after it fails to push terrorists from LoC, plans for them to infiltrate India

Intelligence Agencies have received fresh inputs that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is funding and training 40 Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh in order to push them into India to carry out terror activities. Reportedly, the Intelligence Agencies have warned the Indian Army and the border guarding forces. The training is being provided by Pakistan to Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh is with the help of the terrorist outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

According to reports, the nefarious plans to push Rohingya terrorists through the Bangladesh border comes after Pakistan has been unsuccessful in pushing terrorists from the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Intelligence Agencies have reportedly sounded off a warning to the Indian Army saying that Pakistan is plotting a conspiracy against India through the Bangladesh border. The 40 Rohingya Muslims are said to be getting trained in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazaar with Pakistan ISI and the Bangladeshi terrorist outfit JMB.

It is worthy to note that when the Citizenship Amendment Bill was introduced in the parliament, there were several demands for other “persecuted” factions like Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to be included in the bill. At that time, Home Minister Amit Shah had vehemently said that Rohingya Muslims will not be allowed in India.

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He had also said that the Rohingya Muslims actually don’t infiltrate India from Myanmar but from the Bangladesh border.

There were several intel reports in the past that pointed towards the security risk that Rohingya Muslims pose to India even as during the anti-CAA riots, the cacophony for India to accept Rohingya illegals as refugees grew stronger from the Left and Islamist factions.

Earlier in August 2019, a BSF report had sounded off a warning about Pakistan based terror outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) is training Rohingya Muslims to carry out attacks in different parts of India. The report states that a JeM commander, Saber Ahmed, who is currently in Pakistan, is targetting Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazar and indoctrinating them to carry out terror attacks in India.

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In May 2015 a JSTOR research paper titled ‘Myanmar at the crossroads: Shadows of jihadi extremism’ informed about the upsurge flow of jihadi extremist ideology in Muslims of Myanmar aided by the network of terrorist organisations.

The study mentioned the harsh sectarian conflict in Myanmar along with threats posed by local insurgent groups, including the probability that these groups might attempt to link up with jihadist terrorist groups like ISIS. JSTOR highlighted the emerging dangers deriving from the intensification of the use of social media networks by jihadist extremists to expand their influence and spread their caliphate ideology.

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Along with this, in December 2016 a Crisis group paper had reported about the rise of ‘new Muslim insurgency in the Rakhine state’ citing on the basis of developments including militant attacks on Myanmar security forces on 9th October and 12th of November, 2016.

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