Placards calling Batla House encounter ‘fake’ spotted at JNU protests against Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Islamophobia’

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor faced intense protests as he embarked on his crusade against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Sunday. The protests were directed against him for his earlier remark condemning the visible Islamic extremism in the anti-CAA protests. He visited the Jamia Milia Islamia University and the JNU and was greeted by protesters chanting ‘La ilaha ilallah’.

Even in the protests against Shashi Tharoor, it became obvious that the anti-CAA charade was merely a mask to hide the ugly motives of the protesters underneath. There were protesters against Tharoor raising placards that said the Batla House encounter was fake. The men killed in the encounter were Indian Mujahideen terrorists, Atif Ameen and Mohammad Sajid. Mohammad Saif was arrested and Shahzad and Junaid managed to escape.

Source: ABP News/YouTube

One wonders what the encounter had anything to do with the CAA or the NRC for that matter. The placard can also be spotted in a report by Saahil Menghani, anchor and senior correspondent at CNN-News18.

The placard calling the Batla House encounter fake needs to be seen in the context of everything that we have witnessed so far in these protests surrounding the CAA and NRC. Slogans of ‘Jinnah waali Azadi‘ were raised at Shaheen Bagh, slogans of ‘Hinduon se Azadi‘ were heard at Jamia and ‘Free Kashmir’ banners have been spotted at numerous places.

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It is also pertinent to remember that Ladeeda Sakhaloon, the face of the Jamia protests, gave a call for Jihad and her friend Aysha Renna called India ‘fascist’ for executing the terrorist Yakub Memon. Ladeeda also glorified the architects of the Moplah massacre which resulted in the death of hundreds and thousands of Hindus. The placard that calls the Batla House encounter fake appears consistent with everything that we have seen in these protests until now.

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