‘Govt wants to kill us’: Tablighi Jamaat attendees create ruckus at Ahmedabad hospital, Muslim doctor had to intervene to explain

Tablighi Jamaatis allowed doctors to conduct medical tests only after Muslim doctor intervened (image: divyabhaskar.co.in)

Tablighi Jamaat attendees at Ahmedabad’s Sola Civil Hospital created a ruckus and refused to take medicines or injections claiming that the government wants to kill them. As reported by Divya Bhaskar, the Jamaatis accused that they were being held against their will and gathered around in a corner.

As per the report, 26 Tablighi Jamaat attendees were brought from Dariyapur to Sola Civil Hospital on Friday and were kept in an isolation ward. When the medical team tried to test them, they refused and created a ruckus. Following this, the hospital’s superintendent had to call a Muslim doctor. After five hours of high voltage drama, the Jamaatis relented after being counselled by the Muslim doctor.

The Sola Hospital officer, on condition of anonymity, told Divya Bhaskar that of the 26 attendees who were brought to the hospital, two are from Ahmedabad, 1 from Valsad while 9 are from Muzaffarnagar, UP and 10 are from UP’s Azamgarh and Hyderabad. Of these, one is diabetic and 6 are minors. When the doctor started to conduct tests on them, they refused claiming that they suspect the doctors are trying to kill them.

After hours of creating a ruckus, hospital administration requested appointment of a Muslim doctor so that he could come and counsel them. At 5 PM, district magistrate appointed a Muslim doctor from Dholka who counselled the Jamaatis for an hour. The Muslim doctor explained that the government does not want to kill them but wants to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Gujarat, like rest of India, has seen an increase in COVID-19 positive cases after the Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat attendees were traced. On Sunday, 10 new cases were registered in Gujarat, all of which were linked to Jamaat.

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