Only infidels and oppressors die of the Coronavirus, not Muslims, claim ISIS women, call the virus a soldier of Allah

Source: Memri TV

ISIS women at the Al-Hawl Refugee Camp have claimed that the Wuhan Coronavirus does not infect Muslims, and only ‘infidels’ and ‘oppressors’ die of the disease. The refugee camp is located on the southern outskirts of the town of al-Hawl in northern Syria, close to the Syria-Iraq border. The clip was originally aired on Rudaw TV (Iraqi Kurdistan) on the 9th of April. The translation of the clip was shared by Memri TV on its Twitter Handle. The women appeared quite invigorated and excited as they made the claims.

One of the ISIS women says, “The disease does not infect us because we are pious, we fast, we pray. We fear Allah. We follow Islam in the path of Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.” When the reporter asks her who the virus infects, the woman says, “It infects the infidels (non-Muslims), because they oppress the prisoners and the brothers. It infects them. You see what I am saying? It does not infect Muslims.”

The ISIS woman continued, “Have you seen any Muslims die from this disease? All those who died were infidels. They were oppressors. I’m not saying that all Muslims are decent people. Who are the Muslims who died from this disease?” When the reporter informs her that people all over the world regardless of their religion have been dying due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the woman says, “They are oppressors among the Muslims. They were not Muslims. The disease does not infect Muslims, only infidels. Another of the ISIS women says, “The Coronavirus is just one soldier sent by Allah.

“Coronavirus is Allah’s NRC”

In India, too, certain Muslims have claimed that the Wuhan Coronavirus has been sent by Allah to see who survives and said, “We are not afraid of coronavirus because Allah has ensured that we (Muslims) are safe. Corona is no big deal.” Others have claimed that the virus is Allah’s NRC. Meanwhile, the Maulana of Markaz Nizamuddin of Tablighi Jamaat, which has emerged as the biggest cluster of Wuhan Coronavirus cases preached against social distancing and claimed that it was a conspiracy to separate Muslims from each other.

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