Netizens joke about end of world as an earthquake hits Delhi-NCR amidst coronavirus lockdown

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit Delhi-NCR on Sunday, April 12. (image:

The internet was flooded with dark humour about doomsday prophecies and end of world jokes as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Delhi-NCR region on Sunday. The earthquake came at a time when the world is battling Chinese coronavirus and India has been on a lockdown for almost three weeks now. At such time, the earthquake, which thankfully did not do any harm, provided some much needed comic relief.

Just when you think things could only get better, mother nature decides to intervene. The earthquake comes at a time when everyone is supposed to be locked inside their homes as per government guidelines in a bid to contain the pandemic. And while we are at it, pardon the French.

The epicentre of the earthquake was NorthEast Delhi and while it scared the bejesus out of us, we’re just glad that it did not add more strain on the already stressed out authorities.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia