Islamists join hands with a UAE ‘journalist’ to ensure that Indian man faces jail for mocking TikTok users claiming Namaz can keep Coronavirus away

Rakesh Kitturmath(Source: Gulf News)

An Indian man Rakesh B. Kitturmath, who worked as a team leader at Emrill Services, an integrated facilities management (FM) headquartered in Dubai, was terminated from his job on Thursday after he made a critical comment on a Facebook post against some delusional Muslim TikTok users who claim that offering 5 times namaz a day is enough to stave off the threat of novel coronavirus.

Comment by Kitturmath that sparked outrage on social media

Social media platforms are rife with videos of delusional Muslims claiming that exercising social isolation is all conspiracy and it doesn’t help in protecting oneself from the virus. They also claim that offering 5-times namaz is the only way that one can keep the virus at bay. As the threat of coronavirus continues to rage, Kitturmath’s remarks sought to highlight the lunacy of the argument made by the misleading TikTok users.

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However, Kitturmath’s comment against the deluded Muslim TikTok users endorsing 5-times namaz as a panacea to safeguard oneself from coronavirus did not sit well with Islamists and Hinduphobes who used the opportunity to unleash their hatred against Hindus. His comment’s screenshot was made viral by rabid Islamists, asserting that Kitturmath had insulted Islam. He was subsequently fired from his job and his organisation UAE based Emrill Services reported him to the Dubai police. He is currently facing the prospect of doing jail time in Dubai for allegedly insulting Islam.

“Kitturmath’s employment stands terminated with immediate effect. He will be handed over to Dubai Police. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards such hate crimes,” said Stuart Harrison, CEO of Emrill Services.

“We have over 8,500 employees so this may take a while. That said, we have fired him. If he”s still in the country, he will be handed over to Dubai Police,” he said.

The punitive action initiated against Kitturmath was welcomed by a host of Congress supporters. One Congress supporter, Selvin Thomas, who not only was one of those who tried to viral Kitturmath’s comment and sought action against him from Dubai Police, he also gloated upon the plight of the man stranded in an Islamic country who had to make a desperate appeal to the Indian diplomats in Dubai to repatriate him back to India.

Islamists and Hinduphobes are constantly prowling and scouring accounts of Hindu social media users based in the Gulf countries to exact revenge on them for voicing their opinions which did not particularly conform to the Islamist worldview.

Former ‘journalist’ Irena Akbar, who is often found spewing venom against Hindus and Dalits in India, had posted a tweet asking people to report “Islamophobic” posts on Facebook/Twitter by UAE-based Hindus to one Mazhar Farooqui of the Gulf News, so a retaliatory action can be taken against such individuals. Irena claims Mazhar to be a “big asset to the Indian Muslim community”.

Of late, there has been a growing list of Hindu Indian ex-pats based in the middle-east countries, who have come under the attack of Islamists and Hinduphobes for raising contrarian viewpoints. Earlier this week, Abu Dhabi resident Mitesh Udeshi was fired for uploading a benign cartoon which many claimed to have allegedly mocked Islam.

It is notable here that Islamist nations have strict laws against ‘blasphemy’ which are often misused to target non-Muslims for expressing their opinions. These laws are arbitrary and usually end up becoming a tool to target and harass non-Muslims over trivial issues.

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